DevGuild Software-Defined Movements



May 25-27 2021

Developer movements have powered billion dollar businesses. Netlify and JAMstack, Snyk and DevSecOps, LaunchDarkly and Feature Flagging.

There’s a pattern here.

Learn from industry leaders at Slack, HashiCorp, DataStax and more on what it means to start a software revolution and wield that power for good and profit.


Opening Session

Tues May 25
12-1:30pm PST

Early Approaches to Developer Community & Content

What are the advantages of developer communities and dev-first go-to-market? What role does content play in building value and loyalty? If a manifesto gets no Medium claps, does it make a sound? Join us as we outline a framework for engagement, early strategies to systematize and scale community, and examples of how others have forged a path to developer trust and love.

PANEL: Mux cofounder Matt McClure, ApolloGraphQL’s Director of Developer Experience Peggy Rayzis, and Camunda Director of Dev Rel and author of “The Business of Developer Experience” Mary Thengvall in conversation with Orbit CEO Patrick Woods

PRESENTATION: Orbit CEO Patrick Woods

Session Two

Wed May 26
12-1:30pm PST

Connecting Developer Community to Commercial Success

There’s no doubt that developer love can translate into long-term profits and market share. But the path between developer adoption and meaningful revenue is tough and it’s ever-evolving.

PANEL: Join Armory COO Margaret Francis, HashiCorp CMO Marc Holmes and HackerOne’s VP of Community Luke Tucker in conversation with investor/advisor Ashley Smith to hear how the best bottom-up companies have reconciled and navigated developer community-building and exceedingly larger enterprise deals.

Finale Session

Thurs May 27
12 – 1:30pm PST

Category Leader Essentials: Features, Management, and Momentum

Your startup might launch as a developer tool, but companies with vibrant developer communities often expand into broader platforms, 3rd party ecosystems, and, with luck, into category leaders. Learn how others have won categories, sequenced their partnerships, and tailored their roadmap along the way.

PANEL:  Slack’s VP Product Ali Rayl, DataStax CPO Ed Anuff  and Netlify’s Co-Founder and President Christian Bach moderated by Calyx Consulting’s Paige Paquette.

FIRESIDE: Auth0 CPO Shiven Ramji in conversation with LaunchDarkly’s VP Platform Adam Zimman.


Patrick Woods
Co-Founder and CEO, Orbit

Matt McClure
Co-Founder and Head of Developer Experience, Mux

Christian Bach
Co-Founder and President, Netlify

Shiven Ramji Headshot

Shiven Ramji
CPO, Auth0

Ed Anuff
CPO, DataStax

Margaret Francis​
President and COO, Armory

Ali Rayl
VP of Product, Slack

Ashley Smith
Investor, Advisor, Board Member

Marc Holmes​
VP Marketing, HashiCorp

Luke Tucker
VP of the Global Hacker Community, HackerOne

Peggy Rayzis
Director of Developer Experience, Apollo GraphQL

Mary Thengvall
Director of Developer Relations, Camunda

Paige Paquette
Co-Founder, Calyx Consulting

Adam Zimman Headshot

Adam Zimman
Leadership, Platform, and GTM Advisor


DevGuild is a community and event series featuring the CEOs, founders, and top execs at leading developer, infrastructure, and B2B SaaS companies defining the future of software development.